TechnoButter 3 Review – It’s the real deal

Every year, wetsuit companies have to bring something new to the table to make sure you get their latest models. Usually, there’s a few small changes that are more hype than anything, but this year, there’s something new and it’s not just hype, it’s actually amazing.

O’Neill has the new for 17/18 TechnoButter 3. Sure, you’re thinking the same thing I was, the difference between Techno Butter 1 and 2 was barely noticeable, but that’s not the case with the new Techno Butter 3 – it’s the real deal. It’s softer, it stretches more easily, and it looks different too.

The new TechnoButter 3 is different in the way it’s made. They stretched the neoprene and then applied the outer nylon protective layer. It sounds odd at first, but the benefit is very much apparent. Almost all neoprene will have 100% stretch, but at what weight? I’ve never been too impressed by claims of how much it will stretch, I’m more impressed by how much it stretches with a uniform force. And that’s where the TechnoButter 3 difference is huge. The TechnoButter 3 starts to stretch at the smallest amount of force and that’s a difference you will feel. To date, the TechnoButter 3 stretches with the least amount of force of any suit I’ve ever tested.

I attach a water bottle with a clip on the sleeve with the wetsuit hanging on a table and the armpit secured to the table. I look for about 1 inch of stretch and then weigh the bottle to see how much weight it took to get an inch of stretch. And the new champion is … TechnoButter 3 with 6.3oz! It’s so hard to fathom how little force that is but you really notice it when you wear it. You still feel like you’re wearing a wetsuit, but it take almost no extra effort to move in these new suits – it’s truly amazing and one of the most significant changes to wetsuit neoprene I’ve seen in years.

You can find some places with the new TechnoButter 3 already, but all shops should be getting them soon.

PsychoFreak 3/2 with TechnoButter 3

PsychoFreak 4/3 with TechnoButter 3

PsychoTech 3/2 with TechnoButter 3

PsychoTech 4/3 with TechnoButter 3